Company Profile
Product Concept
Operating Mode

At the end of the year 2016, by the multi-homed veteran cycling technical elites, Internet professionals and young designers co-sponsored to develop innovative sports technology and development of sports ecology as the goal of entrepreneurial planning,painstaking research and analysis of market trends, determining the brand value and product form.


In February 2017, Ejoysport Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was formally established in Xinji Road, Bacheng Town, Jiangsu Province,and set up R&D headquarters in Kunshan Economic Development Zone. Ejoysport focus on high-end sports equipment research and development, production, sales and peripheral technology development, service support. Target market is located in Europe, the United States and China. We take R&D in China, Design in China, made in China as a sign, aim to shape the image of Chinese sports brand, and become the first Chinese independent brand of sports equipment.


In May 2017, The Ejoysport team participated in the China Import Expo, Kunshan ( CIE ) with functional test models. By demonstrating excellent product design, advanced manufacturing technology and meticulous interaction experience between users and bikes, we won numerous acclaims from many participants.


In October the same year, Ejoysport held its first product lauch conference in Kunshan, its brand new product form and management idea got recongnition and appreciation from many famous media and experts.


Now, the company owns the brands "EJOYSPORT" and "易骑运动", focusing on the research and development, production, sales and peripheral technology development and service support of smart high-end sports equipment.


In the future, Ejoysport will also develop a series of sports ecological products, such as stationery exercise bikes, treadmills, matching VR equipment and system softwares.

USER-FRIENDLY:Ejoysport defines a clear and unique visual image, easy-to-use functionality and maintain-ability for the product by inovative industrial design concept and interactive experience. So users can get simple and comfort experience, meticulous and considerate service, easily.


PREEMINENCE:The function and construction of product was designed with professional skills and knowledge.Then we use the advanced manufacturing technology to make it come ture. All of these together guarantees the consistent quality and excellent user experience.


INTERCONNECTION:Internet of Things - the communication of our products not only exists in people and products, but also the products itself and between. Furthermore, the user habits can be analyzed and learned. Based on this, the product can automatically adjust functionality and operation feedback; self-check for maintenance requirements and alerts; give suggestions for the exercise habits improvement and more complex function. Only the simple options and feedback presents to the users. Make it easy and carefree to use.





Not applying the original O2O operation mode or blindly following O2H operation mode, Ejoysport analyzes detailed online-offline features and current situation of sports industry. We redefine and distinguish the new characteristics of  O2O roles, functions and partition explicitly. For maximizes the value and convenience of huge online shop visit traffic, we guide them into the offline shop for product experience, customer support and after-sale service.


Ejoysport divides the channel and direction of users, products and funds direction clearly. By confirming the closed

unidirectional  flow of users and bidirectional flow of products and funds, We completely solves the conflict problem between online and offline operation in sports enterprises. It improves the user experience, service quality and operating efficiency greatly. And at the sametime, the specific functions of online and offline do the best work, too.


Ejoysport is not in pursuit of formalistic flat structure mode. Aiming at balancing the costs of enterprise management, the flexibilityof market adjustment, service support and user experience, we develops a singe-layer structure that can meet the market and userneeds mostly based on the situation of the sports industry.