All the R&D results and technologies of 

    Ejoysport are integrated into 

    Ejoysport Unified Technology Platform, 

    which we usually called as EUTP, to make

     unified management. It's convenient for R&D 

    team to choose different technology for

     different product and give accurate 

    process to factory.

  • IOTM


    Ejoysport designed a new internet of 

    Things Mainboarf,the IOTM.So we can make 

    Component system. Customized Motor 

    Program ,Battery SafetyControler,Bluetooth

     and RFID integrated into only  four layers 

    mainboard,which as small as your nail.



    Lots of people give up cycling, just because 

    of the structure and size of the frame. Now,

    EJOYSPORT team has creat the EZCYCLE 

    technology. It keeps the frame size unchanged,

     but more easier to step over.Every 

    EJOYSPORTuser now can try cycling and 

    have fun any time.



    We repeated theoretical deduction and the 

    actual cycling test to find the most suitable 

    angle for motor pedestal. We make a great 

    balance between stabke operation of motor, 

    compact frame structure and its performance.

     That's what we called as ANGLESETTING.



    The motor we use has one torque sensor 

    and  two speed sensors. That means the 

    motor will get more pivotal information.

     Also, we adjust the control program, and 

    that makes all the sensors fit better. Everything

    we do is to make EJOYSPORT bike easier to 

    ride and givemore fun of cycling for you.



    It can constantly collect real-time data from 

    every parts.These data are compared with 

    the experimental data stored in our 

    background. Then we can get the exact 

    status information of each part. When the 

    parts need to be replaced, APP will place 

    the order to nearest.